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From monthly archives: January 2020

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Washing Machine FAQs: Troubleshooting 4 Common Issues

Few modern conveniences compare with that of a fully functional washing machine. And, unless you love the idea of spending your free time in a dingy laundromat or scrubbing your linens on a washboard in the backyard, you need your washer to work properly, on demand. So what do you do if your machine suddenly starts acting up? At G&G Appliance Service, we’ve heard just about every washing machine question you can imagine, and fortunately for you, some of your frequently asked questions are simple fixes that take only a few minutes. Is your question on our list?

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Can You Remedy These 4 Common Appliance Dilemmas?

Are your kitchen appliances on the fritz after all your holiday meal preparations? Don’t replace them just yet! Sometimes, the most obvious fix is the one you tend to overlook, but at G&G Appliance Service, we’ve got you covered (both with and without your warranty!) We’ve collected a few of our most common kitchen appliance complaints and detailed quick and easy solutions that can help restore proper functioning. If you’re struggling with any of the following issues, try our quick remedies first, and if they don’t provide a functional solution, give our appliance repair specialists a call.

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