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From monthly archives: September 2019

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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Dryer Running Smoothly

A marvel of engineering and convenience, a clothes dryer is a vastly underappreciated staple in most households—that is until it stops working. For as often as we use our dryers, most of us don’t realize the critical importance of routine maintenance and cleaning. What exactly does that entail? Here to discuss actions you can take to keep your dryer in good working condition are the appliance repair experts at G&G Appliance in New York. Below, you’ll find routine maintenance tips that can help keep your household safe, while prolonging the life of your machine.

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8 Items You Should Never Put in Your Washing Machine

If you regularly wash laundry, chances are, you've inadvertently (or purposely) put something in your washing machine that didn’t belong there. While washing clothes seems like a no-brainer, there are actually several ways you can mess it up, and first among them is putting no-go items in your washing machine. Put the wrong things in your washer, and you not only mess up your clothes, but you risk damaging this oh-so-essential appliance. The experts at G&G Appliance Service in New York are here to detail eight items you should never put in your washing machine. Keep this list in mind the next time you reach for your overflowing hamper.

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