Wouldn’t it be nice if all your appliances operated seamlessly, all the time? Wishful thinking, we know. Plus, if that were the case, we’d be out of a job! Thankfully, though, your appliance failures are our bread and butter. While an on-the-fritz appliance is no doubt frustrating, at G&G Appliance Service, we’re always ready to get your home back on track with prompt, professional, appliance repair. Today, we’re covering a few of the most common appliance complaints we remedy, so if you’re dealing with one of the following issues, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.


Non-Functional Ice Dispenser

We hear this complaint more often than almost any other, but fortunately, it might require an easy fix and one that requires hardly any time at all. In fact, sometimes, you may even be able to tackle the issue yourself!


When your freezer refuses to dispense ice, the first thing you should check is the ice chute. Sometimes, water can remain in the chute after the ice maker dispenses ice. Since your freezer is (obviously) freezing, that water turns to ice and accumulates over time. Eventually, ice can build to the point of forming a clog, which prevents ice from the ice maker from passing through the chute.


To remedy this issue, all you need is a hairdryer set to the lowest heat setting. Angle the warm air toward the ice blockage until it melts enough to slide through the chute. Voila! Problem solved! If your ice chute is clear, however, and it still refuses to dispense ice, it’s time to contact a freezer repair technician to diagnose the issue.


Refrigerator Failing to Keep Food Cold

How inconvenient, right? Not only might you face the expense of a refrigerator repair, but you might also be forced to toss a load of costly perishable food in the trash. A warmish refrigerator is another issue that might stem from a very simple problem, and occasionally, you can perform an easy, DIY fix. Here’s how:


●        Start by checking your appliance’s thermostat settings to make sure no one accidentally bumped the dial.

●        Next, check the vents within your freezer. If they’re blocked by items, rearrange your freezer’s contents to free up space around the vents. Your freezer’s vents circulate cold air into your refrigerator, so they need plenty of space for adequate airflow.

●        Grab a flashlight and examine the condenser coils beneath your refrigerator for signs of dust and grime buildup. If you’ve never cleaned the condenser coils, and they’re covered in debris, that debris can prevent the coils from cooling the refrigerator properly.

●        Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove any buildup you can see.

●        Wait two to three hours before checking the interior temperature of the refrigerator to see if it has returned to normal.

●        If the refrigerator still feels warmer than usual, check to make sure nothing is clogging the condenser fan in the back of the machine. Hand-clean the fan blades and try spinning the fan manually to make sure nothing is stuck inside.


If the above DIY fixes just aren’t cutting it, you’ll need to give us a call. We can quickly diagnose the issue and perform the necessary refrigerator repairs, even if your refrigerator is no longer under warranty.


When you're dealing with a fridge that’s on the fritz, you’ll need to be as speedy as possible when requesting an appliance repair service. Many of your perishable food items will only last about four hours when the refrigerator temperature is higher than usual, so time is of the essence.     


Dryer Won’t Dry Clothes Completely (Or at All)

A wonky dryer is yet another super common complaint that might require a super simple remedy. You might be surprised to learn that neglecting your dryer’s lint trap may be the culprit behind its inability to produce enough hot air to dry your clothes. So, if that sounds like you, the first thing you should do is check your lint trap for buildup and clean it out. If you remove all the lint and you can still see residue on the screen, that’s probably fabric softener residue, which you can easily soak off with warm, soapy water.


Another common problem that often results in poor dryer performance is clogged or obstructed dryer venting, which happens to have another super simple fix. First, examine your dryer’s vent for any signs of obstruction, such as a kinked or crushed vent hose. If the hose is obstructed, hot air cannot flow through it efficiently, which reduces your appliance’s performance.


Or, if the vent hose is clogged with lint, again, hot air cannot pass through. If you’ve never cleaned the vent, you’ll want to vacuum out as much lint as possible. But, since lint can accumulate beyond the reach of your vacuum hose, you may need to contact a professional dryer vent cleaning technician.


If your dryer is still having problems after you’ve cleaned up the lint and straightened out any hose obstructions, contact a dryer repair company to diagnose and repair the issue.


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