How often do you think about your fridge? Okay, okay, how often do you think about your fridge when you’re not jonesing for a bite to eat? Do you ever actually ponder cleaning it? Or performing routine maintenance to extend its life?


At G&G Appliance Service, we know it’s easy to take a refrigerator for granted—after all, the appliance is basically a given in 99% of dwellings. But what happens when your fridge goes on the fritz? You sure think about it then, right? Today, we’re here to discuss three easy ways you can maintain your fridge, which can help you avoid frustrating, inconvenient issues altogether. Practice these tips regularly, and you can help your fridge enjoy a long, fully functional life.


Keep the Coils Clean

Your refrigerator’s evaporator coil functions to absorb heat inside the appliance, while the condenser coil directs that heat away from the fridge. But, when those coils accumulate dust, dirt, and grime over time, the appliance’s compressor must work harder than usual to keep the fridge at a suitable temperature.


Unfortunately, if the compressor must work extra hard for too long, it can fail prematurely, and your fridge’s temperature can skyrocket—fast. Not surprisingly, the only way to remedy a burned-out compressor is by calling a refrigerator repair technician who can replace the apparatus.


Fortunately, you have the power to avoid compressor burnout simply by performing routine coil cleaning. Here’s how to do it:


●        Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it from the power source.

●        Locate the coils, either on the back or bottom surface of the appliance. If there’s a grate over the coils, you’ll need to remove it to clean the coils properly.

●        Examine the coils for dust and grime accumulation.

●        Grab your household vacuum and use the hose attachment to gently vacuum up any buildup on the coils’ surface.

●        Vacuum up any dust or gunk that may have fallen on the floor during the cleaning process. Cleaning up any debris on the floor will prevent it from sticking to the condenser coils after you reposition the fridge in its normal location.

●        Slide the fridge back in its usual spot, and if its coils are on the back, leave at least one inch of space between the coils and the wall.


Voila! One quick and easy (this is doable in less than 10 minutes) maintenance action that can help you avoid a broken compressor and a frustrating appliance repair. 


Maintain the Door Seal

If your refrigerator has a grimy or loose seal, warm air will naturally travel inside, reducing the appliance’s efficiency and causing condensation. So, to keep moisture accumulation at bay and cut down on your monthly utility costs, keeping the door seals clean and fully intact is essential. Here’s what you need to do:


●        Turn your refrigerator’s temperature control to the “off” setting, and if possible, unplug the appliance.

●        Fill a small bucket with one part warm water and one part chlorine bleach.

●        Grab an old toothbrush, dip it in your cleaning solution, and spread the seal apart to access its interior (where grime and mold typically develop).

●        Scrub the interior of the seal, as well as around the sides, to remove all traces of food particles, mold, and mildew.

●        Grab a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge and douse it in clean, warm water from your tap.

●        Thoroughly wipe down the interior and sides of the door seal to remove the grime you just loosened.

●        Grab a clean, dry cloth and dry the seal completely before plugging the appliance in and adjusting the temperature setting to the appropriate level.


Keep the Drip Pan Clean

What in the world is a drip pan, and why on earth do you need to clean it? Your refrigerator’s drip pan is positioned to catch liquid that runs through the appliance’s drainage system as a result of its automatic defrost function. Since we no longer defrost our fridges manually, they come equipped with a small, timer-operated heater that routinely melts frost accumulation within the freezer. 


When properly maintained, the drainage system will operate without a hitch. If you fail to clean the drip pan twice per year, however, the drainage hole can become clogged with debris that accumulates in the pan. Plus, bacteria love a moist, warm environment, so, to cut down on weird smells, drip pan cleaning is essential.


Don’t know where your refrigerators drip pan is? Don’t feel bad—most homeowners haven’t a clue where this oft-neglected apparatus resides. But fear not! You can always rely on your trusty owner’s manual to locate the drip the pan and guide you on the proper removal technique. After you’ve removed the pan, simply pour out any liquid and give it a thorough washing with soap and water. Reinsert, and you’re good to go!


By practicing routine drip pan cleaning, you can often avoid drainage system issues and associated refrigerator repairs. But, if you’re currently dealing with a drainage issue, and it’s causing moisture accumulation within your appliance, give our team at G&G Appliance a call. 


Keep Perishable Food Around (Even If You’re a Takeout Devotee)

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself an at-home chef or you prefer the inarguable convenience of takeout, it’s important to keep food in your refrigerator on an ongoing basis. To maintain a consistently cool temperature, refrigerators require what we call thermal mass—meaning plenty of items—to hold the cold air that your appliance produces.


Because liquids and solid food hold on to cold air far longer than an empty space does, keeping your fridge as full as possible will help it maintain a suitable temperature, which means a more efficient appliance overall. The same goes for your freezer, too. Since the vents within your freezer circulate cool air into your refrigerator compartment, try to keep several items stocked at all times.


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