About G & G Appliance Service

G & G Appliance Service has been in business for over 20 years. During that time, our business has expanded across New York State, encompassing several major cities and outlying areas.

Our network of state-certified technicians has grown extensively to ensure we can provide fast service and respond to our customers in a timely manner. Although we are a large company, we still embrace the same hometown values that have distinguished us from our competitors.

Although we train and certify our technicians in all current best practices of appliance diagnosis and repair, we also instill in them the value of top-tier customer service. We view the cost of appliance repair as an investment in the overall quality of your daily life. After all, dealing with a broken dishwasher or a dryer that won’t dry your clothes can be a major inconvenience. We are here to ease your stress and solve your appliance-related inconveniences as efficiently as possible.

Our History

After working for a major appliance manufacturer and as a factory-certified appliance technician for 11 years, Gonzo, owner of G & G Appliance Service, started doing appliance work on his own in 1999 in Queens and Nassau County. With the help of his parents, he was able to hire two more technicians in 2001 (one of which is still with us today)!

With hard work, dedication and endless hours, Gonzo continued to grow the business. With the help of his brother as Service Manager, an appliance technician himself for 20 years, and eventually his son and wife, G&G Appliance has become one of the highest volume appliance repair companies in the NYC metro area. G & G Appliance has since expanded into upstate areas from Westchester, Poughkeepsie, Albany, Saratoga, all the way up to Plattsburgh, as well as northwestern Vermont, Ithaca, and Syracuse—all of which are served by local technicians.

We are proud to be family owned and operated and give credit to the amazing friends, family, and employees that have been so integral to the company's success over the past 20 years.

Why We are Different

When it comes right down to it, there is nothing new or unique about appliance repair. There are many of companies out there who provide this service; however, what has set us apart is how we approach our profession, view the industry, and interact with our clients.

  • We ensure there is a technician in your area ready to help you with your appliance repair.
  • We utilize only the most advanced tools and best industry practices to ensure superior work that’s fast and dependable.
  • We only hire the most qualified technicians across the state of New York. Our specialists are fully-vetted, certified, and well-trained. We believe we have the best technicians in our field.
  • We have an authentic concern for our clients’ needs. We care about how you perceive our company’s professional image, as well as how our employees treat you once they arrive at your home. We are also meticulous about not wasting your time or money with inflated prices, lazy work, or false promises.
  • We incorporate a sustainable business model that facilitates corporate growth, improves customer interaction, promotes a healthy business image, and stays current with best industry trends and practices.

In short, we run our business right, or we don’t run it at all.

The Right Appliance Repair Company Can Make a Huge Impact

At G & G Appliance Service, we see that what we do is more than just a job. It is a valuable service that homeowners, property managers, property owners, and HOAs need to keep things running smoothly in their households or organizations. Therefore, we see our role as viable to each city throughout New York. We know that when we do our best, it relieves the stress you may feel when your appliance breaks down.

Our workers are members of your community. They’re homeowners themselves, so they understand your concerns and your needs. We hope that when you call us for appliance repair service, that you will be 100% satisfied with every area of our work and feel that your appliance repair was money well spent.

To find out more about the services we provide or to schedule appliance repair today, contact our central scheduling office at 718-848-2100, or you can message us on our contact page.